"William Fox-Pitt combines grace with capability to be one of the world's greatest equestrians. Like the Jeep® Grand Cherokee, he makes tackling the most rugged terrain seem effortless. We are proud to have him as a brand ambassador."

The above comes from the Jeep webpage about William Fox-Pitt, equestrian and Jeep brand ambassador. Being the best means taking risks. And that's what Fox-Pitt, one of the great horseback riders of all time, does every time he gets on his horse. Horses are large and unpredictable animals, and even experts like Fox-Pitt encounter surprises from time to time, and his fall at the World Young Horse Championships in Lion D'Angers back in October was one of those surprises. Fortunately, he is recovering well.

We here at Mountain Valley Motors, Inc., located at 7535 Appalachian Highway in Blue Ridge, wish Fox-Pitt all the best. And we wish YOU the best when it comes to your vehicle—so let us find a new Jeep for you at your convenience.

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